West Wednesdays may 13th 6PM-9PM

18.00 M4gastatelier opening WEINER WALL, ‘Framework’, a mural of Aafke Bennema

19.30 Gonzo [circus] concert Brian Eubanks ‘Object I’ / Gonzo DJ Niels Tubbing

20:30 Kulter are Robert Wittendorp [NL, plant work in progress] / Women are made from water, improvisation by Beibei Wang [CHI/UK, percussions] & Electra Kouloumpi [GR/NL, dance] / ZT Tosha & Julisso [myth massacre monument] / Unii [JAP, singer songwriter]

foto bij WW May 13th 2015def

M4GASTATELIER: Aafke Bennema has created a mural in the Marble Hall of Tetterode. She has done so in imitation of Lawrence Weiner, who created an artwork on the same wall in 1992. Artists on WEINER WALL:
Jan. 2014-Dec. 2015: Rob Birza, Jan van der Ploeg, Sonia Rijnhout, Sebastiaan Schlicher, Gracia Khouw, Hadassah Emmerich, Aafke Bennema, Erik Odijk.

GONZO [circus]: Bryan Eubanks is a musician and composer. His pieces are electronically and acoustically created compositions that come to life by his sound installations and diffusion techniques. In the Marble Hall, Bryan Eubanks will perform his piece ‘Object I’, which is composed for metal plate speakers and includes sine tones, recorded beats and white noise. Gonzo DJ Niels Tubbing will underline the program with his tunes.

KULTER ARE; Unii is a singer, songwriter, electronic music composer. Her soft yet powerful voice mixed with electronic sound makes her style sometimes described as post-Bjork-floats-us-into-dream-soundscape.
Beibei Wang & Electra Kouloumpi – WOMEN ARE MADE FROM WATER. An exploration of the rivers, seas, and lakes that live in the female body. A real-time improvised performance with Beibei Wang playing the water and Electra Kouloumpi dancing the water.
Beibei Wang is a virtuoso percussionist and soloist. Her talented musical sensibility of Chinese heritage and Western avant-garde technical skills serve her motto to challenge herself in every concert.
“The Young Chinese virtuoso Wang Beibei is nothing if not flamboyant.” – The Times www.beibeimusic.com
Electra Kouloumpi is a dancer and sustainability engineer. Her performance work combines dance, theatre, instant composition, improvisation and site-specific creation. This time, she will explore the ground floor of Tetterode with flutist Anne La Berge: Body Sound Propagation
Robert Wittendorp, Action not object, actual not represent nor document. www.sommige.nl
ZT Tosha / Julisso – Myth Massacre Monument www.zttosha.com / www.julisso.org

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