Za 16 November 10:00 – 20:00
Textile Initiative & kleine expo in het Wisselatelier

Iedereen is welkom om te komen repareren en/of items te komen brengen voor reparatie.
Initiatief door Dasha Golova

“Your favorite jumper got a nasty tear? Your precious leather bag almost hit the scrap-pile? Your wool pants got worn out from biking around? They’ve waited too long to be repaired!”

“TALK TO ME I WILL REPAIR YOUR CLOTHES” part of the TEXTILE INITIATIVE by Dasha Golova. TEXTILE INITIATIVE is a series of events that aim to bring the public closer to the vast field of textile through a variety of shared activities. November 16th a Big Wissel, Da Costakade 158: 10 00-15 00 — drop your item 11 00-17 00 — repairing act 18 00 — exhibition, pick your item.
On Saturday the 16th, you are invited to bring your precious piece of clothing or home textile that needs repairing. A team of skilled creatives will perform committed repairs on your item all day. We invite you to bring your precious piece for a healthy dose of love and care. You are also welcome to stay, see this act and contemplate the beauty and complicity of it or ask someone to teach you how to fix your own piece. Later that day we exhibit all the items and enjoy what we have done together. This is a one-day event and the repairing services are 100% free of charge.