wo 10 september: 18-21 uur in M4

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Invitation: WEST WEDNESDAYS September 10th 6PM-9PM

M4gastatelier: presentation Gloria Zein (DE)

‘Specific degrees of whiteness in a poisonous elephant’

Allegedly, Siam kings offered white elephants to adversaries, who they wanted to financially (and politically) destroy.  Unable to refuse the sovereign’s giant gift, they had to provide for the animal while slowly falling into ruin. What a deliciously elegant, sleeky and despicable gesture.It seems we are surrounding ourselves with white elephants. Prestigious objects and projects, promised to boost economy, are draining our private or public treasury. For consolation, we buy and build more stuff.Dealing with the life of objects, Gloria Zein’s new works emanate from things and packing disposed of in the near vicinity of her temporal Amsterdam studio as well as from detritus of her own creative process.They embrace the ambiguity of sculpture. Choosing to be a sculptor can lead to financial ruin.

Gloria Zein (DE) lives in Berlin. She graduated in Architecture at TU Vienna, Austria, and Fine Art (MA, 2011) at Chelsea College, London. The same year, she won the Cass Prize for Sculpture and in 2014 the Bursary award from the Royal British Society of Sculptors. Gloria Zein is current AIR in M4gastatelier till October 1th 2014

Gloria Zein, Specific degrees of whiteness in a poisonous elephant 2014

WEINER WALL: mural of Sonia Rijnhout:



neither coming |nor going, 2014, & Film Records of two séances (2003 en2014) in which Sonia Rijnhout

is busy amassing
the numbers (data = energy) from which new work is created.

What is the
relationship between place, time and outcome?

Sonia Rijnhouthas created a mural in the reception hall of the Housing & Working Building Tetterode in Amsterdam. Rijnhout has done so in imitation of the American artist Lawrence Weiner, who created a mural on this wall two decades ago. The murals form a part of the interior, designed by the architect K.P.C. De Bazel. More artists will make a temporary work on WEINER WALL in 2014 & 2015 . The former muralist were Rob Birza and Jan van der Ploeg. The mural of Sonia Rijnhout’s is on view during the opening hours of Gallery Gerhard Hofland, Bilderdijkstraat 165C, till October1th, 2014

WEST WEDNESDAYS: every second Wednesday of the month an additional program. Participants of West Wednesdays: Galerie Gerhard Hofland, Boetezelaer | Nispen, Jeanine Hofland Contemporary Art, C & H Art Space and M4gastatelier. 6PM-9PM

Entrance: Galerie Gerhard Hofland, Bilderdijkstraat 165C, Amsterdam

(Program Gerhard Hofland 6PM-9PM: Johan Tahon,  ADORANT)