16 June – 21 July 2018
Suzanne Biederberg Gallery

Charlotte Schrameijer and Jurgen Winkler weave man and nature together in their artwork, each in their own way depicting the human condition and the delicate balance between humans and their environment.

Charlotte Schrameijer, in her recent cutout paper collages, focuses on the way man has upset nature, through her blending of current fragmented photos of battlefields, environmental disasters, and refugee camps into seemingly idyllic landscapes. The disturbing images are not explicit; one has to look carefully to discover them and the tragic message of the chaos we cause. The delicate, lace-like construction of her work is both light and transparent, but with a darker side that emphasizes the precariousness of our place on this planet. We are dancing on a volcano.

Jurgen Winkler addresses human nature in his sculptures, installations, photos and drawings, placing man at centre stage in all his insanity, shame, inability to communicate, and feelings of alienation. For Winkler, human behavior is a constant source of amazement and inspiration. His sculptures are composed from common materials and items often sourced on the street or in recycling shops and put together through basic techniques like sewing, stapling, and sawing. Humor, with a poignant undertone, is always present in his work. His sculptures can sometimes surprise with an unexpected sound, message or movement.

Both artists attended the Gerrit Rietveld Academy after university studies in Amsterdam–Schrameijer in philosophy and Winkler in biology. They both exhibit extensively and this is the first time their work is presented together.