Dimitar Genchev


Openings Saturday 14

5 – 7 PM

March 14 – April 18

dimitar genche




Gerhard Hofland Gallery proudly presents the most recent paintings by Dimitar Genchev (1985, Plovdiv, Bulgaria). Genchev is a masterly painter, who can conjure everyday topics into surrealistic scenes. The human figure, pots, pans, tables ans chairs, plants and flowers are brought together in an estranging manner. Genchev uses unexpected compositions, unusual perspectives, an intense colour pallette and a hyper-realistic painting style interspersed with abstract surfaces. Thereby he knows to elevate seemingly uninteresting objects to esthecial ones and to combine topics in ways as if they seem to depict a mysterious story. The paintings can be considered collages of Genchev’s memories and accurate observations, which can be traced back to his childhood and to the daily life in his native Bulgaria. For the viewer these fragments are recognizable and painted in such a way that they appeal to a dreamed world evoking feelings of nostalgia, desire, romance and transience.


Dimitar Genchev lives and works in Bulgaria and Amsterdam. He studied at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, BG, the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) and was a resident at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam in 2012. He exhibited his works at Sofia City Art Gallery, Sofia, De Artillerie, Platform for young professional artists, Utrecht and galerie Gerhard Hofland. In 2014 received a stipend for young emerging artists from the Mondriaan Fund.