934s_JochenmuehlenbrinkaschemailJochen Mühlenbrink


November 27  – January 17




Thursday 27 Nov  18 – 21 hrs  Opening Night

Friday 28 Nov  12 – 20 hrs

Saturday 29 Nov  12 – 20 hrs

Sunday 30 Nov / 12 – 18 hrs


Opening hours

Thursdays – Saturdays

13:00 – 17:00 hours.


Gerhard Hofland is proud to present Asche the third solo exhibition of Jochen Mühlenbrink (1980 Freiburg). The exhibition includes new paintings and works on paper.


Mühlenbrink is well-known for the trompe l’oeil effect he employs in his work. For example by painting the back side of paintings so thoroughly realistic that it is hard to differentiate  reality and artifice. By using this technique he inhabits the boundary between representation and illusion at the same time investigating the relationship between abstraction and figuration, fiction and non-fiction and presence and absence.


In the exhibition Asche however it is clear to see that in his recent works he has taken a slightly new direction. The large scale painting Grand Match (2014) shows masses of burned out matches that have been painted meticulously on raw canvas. The painting has no clear composition or focus point: instead it contains a scattered image without any hierarchy. The matches are the traces of an action that has just taken place before. They are the remaining presence, although burned and turned to ashes of an absent action. As these silent material witnesses of an event already gone by, they act as symbols of vanity referring to the ephemeral and wasted options and choices of everyday life. Mühlenbrink has thus brought back representational images into this work along with its symbolic meanings playing yet another visual game that is so characteristic of his work.