lisa-2still from Fruits of Labour

M4gastatelier presenteert ism met Artquest London:

Premiére 29 mei a.s. 19.00- 21.00 uur Lisa Castagner (UK) ‘Fruits of Labour’video, 10 minutes, 2014, Amsterdam. Iedereen is van harte welkom in de ruimte van M4gastatelier



‘Fruits of Labour’ is an experimental video intended as a response to a flower painting by the 17th Century Dutch still-life painter, Maria van Oosterwijck. However, having been denied access to the original due to the museum’s renovation works, this work became about a failed encounter, and the resulting attempts to connect with her work through other means. 

The video is in three parts, each an encounter with one of her paintings. They are pictured and gazed upon, the elements disassembled and recreated through found materials from Castagner’s daily life. This process is made into a stop-frame animation, accompanied by the sounds of the actions and materials. A woman is introduced into each of the three sequences becoming another manipulated material. She mouths a single word in Dutch. The collages are destroyed, falling down, rolled up or consumed by my dog. There is spoken dialogue by each of the women, giving an account of the artist’s work and life, concluding with the central meaning behind her work. 

 The texture of the work is fragmented, twitchy, aggressive, unsettled, colliding content in the search for meaning. What has been produced is a deconstruction and reconstruction of her  experience here in Amsterdam; the gap between intentions and results, her attempts to connect with the artist’s work, and with the locality – the women, the food, the sounds – and with her own state of not knowing over the last three months. This is a polyvocal portrait of herself and other female individuals in the midst of creativity and daily life, looking to form their identity and purpose from what is available around us. 

 Lisa Castagner, is a photographer and filmmaker living and working in London.